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Cheap Computer aims to provide the public with information about affordable, quality computers on the market. We will provide access and links to the most comprehensive reviews online from third parties so that consumers are better equipped to make decisions on which computers to buy. We will enable visitors to learn about the varieties of computers — such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and other types — given the diversity in the marketplace.

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Unlike in previous times, technology and information are more accessible than ever. We believe in the saying “knowledge is power.” Thus, we work with the aim of further democratizing technology and empowering the public. For example, an ordinary person in a third world country can easily have in his possession a computer vastly more powerful than the computers available to the world’s richest men just two decades ago.

We believe a revolution is underway, a revolution that will vastly change the way we live and think. And it is our goal to further stimulate this revolution that will bring awesome things to our world that we have yet to imagine.

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