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We believe a tectonic shift is underway that will change the way we live and think. Computers are everywhere and are getting more powerful, adding convenience to our lives and making us ever more informed compared to previous generations. As information and knowledge grow, so does our ability to make the right choices socially and politically. Technology, therefore, is a boon to liberty and democracy.

While concerns have been raised about the dangers lurking with technological development, such as artificial intelligence (AI) that may theoretically try to wipe out purely organic human beings as well as mass surveillance that threatens privacy, we believe that the general trend is towards an improved standard of living and greater freedom. Indeed, life expectancy has been growing gradually and innovation in computers and electronics is finally reaching the developing nations. The growth and spread of technology and electronics, and the demand for them globally and especially in the emerging markets, have even raised concerns among some market analysts about commodity shortages in the coming years due to a potential supply and demand mismatch.

Though growing pains are undoubtedly going to occur in the foreseeable future as the rest of the world catches up to the developed nations, we believe human innovation will continue to lead to solutions to the problems that arise. A species that has been able to get men to land on the Moon and to eradicate diseases will be able to deal with the potential threats of global warming, AI, mass surveillance, and many other problems.

In closing, we need to embrace rather than fear technology, though we must keep a watchful eye and be conscientious in our development and use of technologies, with an understanding that, with misuse and abuse, the very existence of humanity is at stake.