Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

Amazon Fire TV stick.
Amazon Fire TV stick, the leading online retailer globally of many products, entered directly into the computing fray in 2011 by partnering with Quanta Computer to introduce the Kindle Fire tablet. The company was founded in 1994 in Seattle, where it is currently headquartered, as an online book-seller by Jeff Bezos, and has since expanded to be a leading seller of electronics, collectibles, and many other categories of products.

The Kindle Fire tablet has become a massive success for the company, becoming, as of 2016, the second most popular tablet in sales behind the Apple iPad. The Kindle Fire tapped into the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle e-book store, and comes with built-in access to the Amazon Appstore and software for streaming movies and TV shows. Originally sold for $199 in 2011, the latest model, the Kindle Fire 7, sells for $49. The Kindle Fire 7 is the fifth-generation Fire developed by Amazon. The Kindle Fire uses the Android operating system.

Amazon’s entry into the tablet business has been a boon for consumers, offering them high-quality tablets at very affordable prices: the Fire 7 is the cheapest tablet offered by Amazon as of June 2016. Given current trends, prices are only going to get cheaper as the power of these computers grows exponentially. The fall in prices of the Amazon Fire tablets mirrors the electronics industry generally.

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