IAGON: Future of Cloud Computing

IAGON provides decentralized cloud storage.

To bring businesses and consumers more options in cloud computing, and use the data stored to extract value-added data using artificial intelligence (AI), IAGON is having a crowdsale to raise funds for this massive undertaking. Its goal is to disrupt cloud computing and provide users with better pricing and security than they currently get.

The market for cloud data storage today is dominated by a few players that charge high fees and prevent competition from emerging using economies of scale. They are able to use their massive resources to buy the data centers and equipment required to meet the demands of the market. With their firm control over the market due to their vast wealth, they are able to dictate prices at the expense of users. Because data are stored at specific physical locations, it is vulnerable to being unlawfully accessed or tampered with at those locations, either by hackers or rogue employees. The emergence of blockchain technology, on the other hand, threatens to disrupt this oligopolistic industry and bring power back to consumers.

IAGON will offer a decentralized cloud network harnessing blockchain technology to bring cost-effectiveness, transparency, and security to users. IAGON will use the spare storage capacity and unused processing power of users within its network to encrypt data for storage, and will analyze this data using AI to yield valuable data from it. As part of the growth model of IAGON, the platform will undercut the prices of the dominant players in the industry to gain market share in this exponentially growing market. Users who share spare capacity and processing power with the network will be rewarded in IAGON tokens (IAG), and users who wish to store data within the network or purchase value-added data derived from AI can do so using these tokens. As a distributed system using encryption, the data stored within the network will be much safer than that stored at centralized businesses.

The IAGON crowdsale is divided into two parts: the presale and main sale. The presale is taking place from April 2,2018 to April 30, 2018, and the main sale starts May 10, 2018 and will last up to two months. The project’s soft cap is $30,000,000 and its hard cap is a lofty $77,000,000. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in a project that aims to compete in the area of cloud storage and offer an AI service that analyzes the data to provide useful information may want to look further into this ambitious project.

*I am receiving IAG tokens for the growth of the community.

To find more information about IAGON:

Website: https://www.iagon.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.iagon.com/pdf/Iagon%20Whitepaper%20v3.2.pdf