SKYFchain: Business to Robot Blockchain

SKYFChain is a business to robot blockchain.

Anticipating the increasing automation and robotization of the economy, SKYFchain will create the world’s first business to robot (B2R) blockchain with a fleet of unmanned drones to reduce the costs of logistics for businesses. Using the blockchain, the activities of all drones can be monitored in real time.

The popularity of drones has grown substantially as the public and law enforcement have found important uses for them, particularly in surveillance. However, current drones are limited in their size and carrying capacity, known as payload. By manufacturing drones that are larger and with much greater payload, the industry of logistics will be disrupted, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs for businesses and consumers. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this is a potential market of $127 billion.

The advantages for businesses would be numerous. Unmanned drones, working on autopilot, would require less manpower and fuel, would be safer, and would also reduce the cost of maintenance. Because of their automated nature, they would be able to work uninterrupted, leading to faster shipments and reduced delays. In conjunction with the transparency offered by blockchain technology, theft and loss will be minimized. In particular, the oil and gas industry is very interested in the prospect of using SKYFchain to reduce transportation costs.

To bring peace of mind to investors and reduce risks, the company behind SKYFchain, Skyfdrones Services OU, is registered in Estonia, a country that is receptive to blockchain technology. Additionally, SKYFchain tokens, SKYFT, comply with U.S. regulations as established by the SEC, thus allowing American investors to purchase the tokens. SKYFchain has drones in production with a payload of 400 kg, with plans to develop hundreds that will be used within the SKYFchain blockchain. Due to the vision and talent within the team, SKYFchain has attracted $5 million from venture capitalists, attesting to the team’s credibility and potential.

The SKYFchain blockchain will be a private, permissioned blockchain, though the SKYFT token will be ERC20 compatible and run on the public Ethereum blockchain. The private blockchain will allow for greater scalability and reduced transaction costs. Moreover, businesses will be able to hide sensitive data within the blockchain. SKYFT tokens will be the fuel of the ecosystem as the form of payment, and balances will be synchronized with the private blockchain.

At first, the blockchain will be governed by industry specialists and businesses, but as the network expands it will become increasingly decentralized. During the first three years of operations, SKYFchain plans to roll out 300 nodes around the world to process transactions. 20 to 30 of these nodes will be controlled by SKYFchain to ensure the stability of the blockchain, especially while it is growing.

The SKYFchain crowdsale is taking place from March 10, 2018 to June 15, 2018. During the crowdsale, the SKYFT token is priced at $0.065. The soft cap is $5 million and the hard cap is $30 million, with a minimum investment of 3,000 SKYFT. In total, 1.2 billion SKYFT will be offered during the crowdsale. Participants will be able to purchase SKYFT with ETH and BTC. Notably, The SKYFchain project has received an exceptional 4.7 rating at ICOBench.

Investors interested in a potentially disruptive blockchain project that may accelerate the trend toward automation may want to probe further into this fascinating project while doing their due diligence.

*I am receiving SKYFchain tokens for the growth of the community.

Author: pushups44

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