Nucleus Vision: Integrating IoT into Businesses

Nucleus Vision integrates IoT into businesses.

Nucleus Vision aims to allow businesses to take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) by deploying proprietary sensors at businesses to sync up with the mobile devices of customers to provide individualized attention and offers to them. By giving customers individualized offers at participating businesses, Nucleus Vision is able to build customer loyalty and revenues for its partners.

Using proprietary software on top of the blockchain, Nucleus Vision is able to track customer habits, visits to a business, the aisles the customer walks through, and previous purchases to predict future purchases. By merging all of this data, Nucleus Vision is able to give customers special offers in real-time once they visit a business by linking with their mobile devices. Importantly, Nucleus Vision will obtain data from mobile devices with the permission of users and will abide by all applicable privacy laws in various jurisdictions. Customers will even be offered nCash, the native token of the platform, for their participation in a loyalty program.

By contrast, brick-and-mortar businesses today generally lack information about customers visiting them and are thus unable to immediately determine their wants and needs. Thus, customer service is generalized to serve the needs of the greatest number, preventing businesses from generating as much sales as they potentially can. Nucleus Vision will finally integrate the capabilities of IoT into businesses, creating powerful incentives for customers, and building their loyalty and repeat business.

Additionally, Nucleus Vision aims to establish itself within the security industry. Businesses can obtain valuable data to identify lawbreakers who use mobile or other electronic devices while committing a crime on their property. Businesses will be able to purchase this service by using nCash.

The nCash token is ERC20 compliant and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which will allow consumers to store the token in popular Ethereum wallets and trade it on exchanges. In total, no more than 10 billion nCash will be minted, thus allowing the value of nCash to increase as the Nucleus Vision ecosystem grows in use.

The Nucleus Vision crowdsale will take place in the first quarter of 2018, with the starting and ending dates yet to be determined. Investors can purchase nCash tokens at a discount using Ether. The hard cap for the project is $40 million. Investors who are interested in IoT should consider this promising project full of novel ideas.

*I am receiving Nucleus Vision tokens for the growth of the community.

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