Sharpe Capital: Investing in AI

The Sharpe Capital platform uses AI and machine learning for investing.

Combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Sharpe Capital aims to revolutionize investing and finance by democratizing these technologies. Principally, users of the platform will be able to make predictions about the markets and get rewarded in ETH depending on their confidence and accuracy.

The main token of the platform, SHP, will indicate the level of confidence of participants using the proprietary proof-of-stake algorithm, with the premise that the more tokens are held by a participant, all other things equal, the more confidence the user has in his or her predictions. Thus, the more SHP a user owns, the greater are the potential gains from accurate predictions. Importantly, the platform will not penalize users on wrong predictions, but rather will simply reduce their rewards.

Another important algorithm, tied to individual ETH addresses and affecting rewards for market predictions, is the proof-of-reputation. The user’s reputation will fluctuate up or down depending his or her previous predictions, which will be immutably recorded on the blockchain. Because rewards are tied to accurate predictions, users are incentivized to be as accurate and honest as possible.

The third main algorithm, proof-of-work, will ensure that there is a penalty from trying to game the system by switching ETH addresses to start all over should the user’s reputation fall. The proof-of-work will reward users based on their history and frequency of predictions, and will be modified over time to make it more optimal for promoting integrity.

In the first quarter of 2019, Sharpe Capital plans to release the Sharpe Crypto Derivative (SCD) token, which will represent ownership of an investment fund that will make predictions using AI and machine learning from the sentiment of users on the platform. This investment fund will issue dividends to SCD token holders on a quarterly basis. Before this token is minted, Sharpe Capital will ensure it is in legal compliance.

The team behind Sharpe Capital has plenty of experience in software development, mathematics, and engineering. Together, they will bring AI and machine learning to the mainstream, allowing any investor to reap the rewards of their combined knowledge and experience. Investors who want to gain exposure to the burgeoning field of AI can do so by acquiring SHP and SCD tokens.

The crowdsale of Sharpe Capital will end February 5, 2018, giving investors some time to buy SHP tokens at a discount. Towards the end of the crowdsale, SHP tokens will be offered at 1,800 per ETH. No more than 130,000,000 SHP will be minted, keeping the supply restricted to support the value of the token. Thus far, the project has raised over 4,000 ETH during the crowdsale.

*I am receiving Sharpe Capital tokens for the growth of the community.

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