Altair VR: Encyclopedia Powered by Blockchain

Altair VR is an encyclopedia powered by the blockchain.

Altair VR is a project aimed to become a next generation encyclopedia incorporating virtual reality (VR) and the blockchain. By employing the blockchain, the possibilities within VR are greatly expanded, allowing for an ecosystem where learning and entertainment become immersive.

The team behind Altair VR has extensive experience in VR, having creating mobile dome-shaped planetariums approximately 15 feet wide for children in Russia. Children would enter these domes and see outer space and its myriad objects up-close, and would interact in a way that would be meaningful and memorable. In total, 500,000 children in Russia got to experience these mobile planetariums, giving many of them a life-long appreciation of astronomy. With the progression of technology and seeing new possibilities, the team switched to using a VR headset to allow for more extensive use of VR for education, and to allow the team to produce more varied content not dependent on mobile domes.

Though originally focused on astronomy, Altair VR will create a virtual encyclopedia that will allow users to experience the subject matter they wish to learn about. Using a VR headset, users will be able to choose the subject matter that interests them, and will be able to engage in dynamic learning that allows them to navigate in a virtual world. Users can go back in time and explore previous ages, can travel to different parts of the world and learn geography and culture, can zoom in and out to see microscopic particles and far-away planets and galaxies, and can even travel to the future to see the possibilities that lie ahead for humanity. The ability of users to interact with their virtual environment and learn by immersing themselves in the subject matter rather than just reading about it in a textbook will enhance the learning experience and promote better understanding.

Altair VR will require a headset.
Altair VR will require a headset.

The native token of the platform, ALT, will allow users to buy and sell content. The ALT token is an ERC20 token that runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The ability of users to monetize content that they have created will encourage the growth of an ecosystem where content and learning are ever-expanding, with the best content creators reaping the greatest rewards. Additionally, the platform will protect copyrights, as ownership of content will be immutably recorded on the blockchain. As an ERC20 token, ALT can be stored in numerous Ethereum wallets and can be easily traded at exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Altair will be having a token presale from March 20, 2018 to April 15, 2018, and will have its main crowdsale from April 16, 2018 to May 31, 2018. Bonuses will be given depending on the stage of the crowdsale that the tokens are bought. The money raised during the crowdsale will help the team build and market its platform. No more than 1,000,000,000 ALT will be minted, keeping the supply stable and thus allowing the token to potentially rise in value with the growth of the platform.

*I am receiving ALT tokens for the growth of the community.

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