Lucyd: AR Smartglasses for Everyone

Lucyd AR smartglasses are designed to be comfortable to users.

With augmented reality (AR) equipment uncomfortable and unsightly for ordinary users, Lucyd aims to create AR smartglasses that look and feel indistinguishable from ordinary glasses. By employing ergonomics along with cutting-edge technology, Lucyd has the potential to bring AR to the mainstream.

In order to make AR smartglasses as comfortable as possible, Lucyd has taken important steps in their design. The circuitry within the smartglasses are in their stems, so as to prevent the electrical components from being visible. The smartglasses also come with a built-in camera for the detection of objects and to capture photos and videos. The LCD microdisplays integrated within the lens have a long battery life and are transparent. To preserve energy and power, the Lucyd smartglasses use the computing power and data of Android and OS devices. The smartglasses turn on and off by folding and unfolding them. These are just some of the features that allow the smartglasses to look and feel like normal glasses.

To build a thriving ecosystem, Lucyd will issue its own token, LCD, that runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will reward developers who build apps for the platform LCD based on their usage and reviews by users, and in turn will reward users with LCD for giving their reviews. The rewards for developers and users will ensure that the platform is continually developed to enhance the experience of users. LCD can be bought or sold at cryptocurrency exchanges and can thus be converted to fiat currencies. LCD can also be used to buy smartglasses.

The team behind Lucyd has 13 AR patents and expertise in various fields that include AR, optics, and ergonomics. The patents were developed by researchers at the University of Central Florida. Among the team, including the advisers, are seven PhDs. The Lucyd company is backed by Tekcapital PLC, a leading IP investment company in the UK.

The Lucyd crowdsale to raise funds for further developing and marketing this platform is now taking place and ends February 28, 2018. During the crowdsale, LCD can be bought for $0.25. In total, no more than 100,000,000 LCD will be minted, keeping the supply limited for token holders and investors. The tokens designated for the team will be frozen for a period of one year, thus encouraging the team to focus on long-term success.

*I am receiving Lucyd tokens for the growth of the community.

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Arcona: Next Generation Augmented Reality

Arcona virtual reality is powered by the blockchain.

Using the power of blockchain technology, which enables trustless transactions between parties on a decentralized ledger, Arcona aims to take  augmented reality to the next level. By utilizing blockchain technology, Arcona will be able to create an augmented world more intertwined with and similar to the real world, with possibilities limited only by the imagination.

Central to the Arcona ecosystem will be Digital Land that can be bought, sold, and rented by users. Similar to the real world, land will be divided into lots with precise measurements. The ecosystem will use the Arcona token as a means of exchange to trade items or services of value. Users can create and upload their own designs to make their Digital Land suit their preferences. Artists can upload their creations and offer their works in the augmented world, potentially expanding their reach with the public. Just as in the real world, copyrights will be owned and enforced, with ownership recorded immutably on the blockchain.

Users can immerse themselves in the augmented world using mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and special headsets. Using these devices, users will also be able to change the environment around them. Arcona aims to be compatible with all popular devices, unlike other virtual and augmented reality platforms with specific requirements.

In 2019, Arcona plans to establish 10 large cities in the augmented world that can be bought by token holders, with further development thereafter. Cities with large population densities will be more expensive for buying properties, just as in the real world. Digital Land can thus be purchased in anticipation that its value will increase as the platform grows in popularity, creating an augmented world with a real, complex economy.

The team behind Arcona has plenty of experience in virtual and augmented reality, having worked with PilgrimXXI since 2013 and developed eight virtual reality parks in six countries. These parks allow visitors to see great monuments of the past and experience major historical events using mobile devices and headsets.

The main Arcona crowdsale, allowing investors to buy the Arcona token for 0.0025 ETH, begins April 15, 2018 and ends May 15, 2018. In total, no more than 135 million Arcona tokens that are ERC20 compliant will be created. Investors interested in buying tokens of an augmented reality project with a solid team that has demonstrated past success should consider this unique opportunity. As always, investors should do their own due diligence when investing.

*I am receiving Arcona tokens for the growth of the community.

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