Chimaera: Ultimate Decentralized Gaming

Chimaera offers a decentralized gaming platform on the blockchain.

Using blockchain technology, Chimaera aims to establish a decentralized network for gamers and developers to interact and create virtual worlds unencumbered by the barriers of the present industry.

In-game assets are currently seeing an explosion of growth, and Chimaera aims to make the buying and selling of these easier and more transparent on its platform. As a platform that offers buyers and sellers the ability to trade these virtual goods, Chimaera will benefit the gaming community as a whole and reward developers who have put in their hard work to create these features. For gamers, in-game assets not only make the games more enjoyable, but they also give gamers the ability to make a profit by trading them.

Chimaera will be designed as a decentralized platform to also meet the needs of developers. It will allow for games with more advanced features to be developed and for frictionless purchases of in-game assets using smart contracts. The greater options offered by the platform will build loyalty toward developers who cater to the needs of gamers. Additionally, the platform will provide tools and support for developers, and will reach out to indie game developers with talent and skill that can be applied within its ecosystem.

Chimaera is a decentralized gaming platform.Using the blockchain, developers and gamers will be able to create and participate in Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAUs). DAUs are virtual realities that run continuously without servers. These DAUs would run with the impenetrable security of blockchain technology, which provides immutable and transparent transactions on a ledger using encryption.

While bitcoin gave inspiration and vision to Chimaera as a decentralized cryptocurrency, the founders of the platform are aware of its scaling problems and aim to avoid them. Chimaera’s solution to the scalability problem is “game channels,” where players can interact in a trustless manner using a side chain. These game channels prevent forgery or manipulation, and have their own dispute resolution mechanism that is fair and rewards honesty.

The Chimaera token, CHI, will be the primary currency of the platform, and can be exchanged for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the platform and the demand for the virtual goods within it grow, CHI will increase in value. A maximum of 1,175,000,000 will be minted according to the whitepaper. The CHI token can be used to create an account, conduct account transactions, buy or rent game assets, and buy and sell games.

The Chimaera Trading Platform will allow gamers to trade assets for CHI. Transactions on the Chimaera Trading Platform will be frictionless and transparent. Users will be in control of their own private keys, allowing them to have full control over transactions. As a peer-to-peer exchange, at no point will the exchange have control over the assets traded on it.

The Chimaera team is one of the strongest among those in the blockchain space, possessing extensive experience in blockchain development. The founder of the project, Andrew Colosimo, founded the Huntercoin experiment, which was the world’s first “human mineable” cryptocurrency, and provably fair and decentralized massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Dr. Daniel Kraft, a cofounder of Chimaera, has been a bitcoin developer since 2013, and has been the primary Namecoin and Huntercoin developer since 2014. The team also has other members providing software, marketing, and legal expertise.

With such a talented team and the ambition and history of success possessed by it, Chimaera will be a major contender as a decentralized gaming platform. Those who join in the crowdsale currently taking place offering CHI tokens at a discount are likely to be rewarded in the long run. The visionaries behind Chimaera will open up possibilities with decentralized gaming previously unforeseen, and, if history is any indication, reward investors along the way.

*I am receiving Chimaera tokens for the growth of the community.

Author: pushups44