CHKDSK Commands for Windows Repair

Here is a neat video on the CHKDSK commands, also known as the Check Disk Tool, for Windows repair. This is an important tool for computer maintenance when using the Windows operating system. Occasionally disk files may get corrupted, causing the computer to slow down or malfunction. In a nutshell, the command scans and repairs the integrity of the file system and bad sectors on a disk.

The tool runs on the Windows command prompt, which can be obtained by typing “CMD” in the Windows start menu, and right-clicking it and selecting “run as administrator.” You can also get administrative privileges in the command prompt by pressing the Windows + X keys, and selecting “command prompt (admin).”

Specifically, typing in “chkdsk /r C:” (without the quotes) will scan and repair the C drive. It is a good idea to run this command from time to time for system maintenance.