Jincor: Making Blockchain Easy

The Jincor private blockchain is designed to be easy to use for businesses.

With blockchain technology being too complicated for many businesses, Jincor aims to provide an easy-to-use platform giving businesses all of the benefits of the technology minus the headaches. The Jincor blockchain is private and can execute smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions, both of which will help businesses be more profitable.

Smart contracts, which are self-executing programs on the blockchain that execute when criteria are met by two parties, can potentially alleviate numerous problems for businesses and lower costs. By removing the need for middlemen and executing when terms have been met by both parties, they reduce costs for businesses and promote confidence in conducting business. Because smart contracts execute instantly, they allow businesses to finalize deals in a timely manner, which can boost their bottom line significantly. To make it easy for businesses, Jincor will create smart contract templates for businesses, lowering their cost of execution and removing the need for specially-trained blockchain developers.

To build confidence among users given the murky legal situation of cryptocurrencies, Jincor will provide guidance to its users through its legal team to comply with regulations of various jurisdictions. Jincor will implement a strict verification for businesses whereby they will have to provide real-world identification that will be tied to their profile on the platform. The linking of real-world identities with virtual identities will keep the Jincor private blockchain legally compliant in many jurisdictions. Additionally, by allowing businesses to easily transact in cryptocurrencies, they will be able to attract more customers with a preference for their use.

The native token of the platform, JCR, will enable the creation and execution of smart contracts and provide access to other premium services. In total, 35 million JCR will be minted. Customers will be able to purchase JCR directly from Jincor or on popular exchanges. In case there are not enough JCR on exchanges to meet the demands of customers, Jincor will reserve 4.2 million JCR to ensure the liquidity of the token and platform.

The Jincor ICO ends January 31, 2018, and during this ICO investors can purchase JCR at $1 each. The hard cap of the project is $26.6 million, equivalent to about 76 percent of the tokens outstanding. Unsold tokens will be burned, thus reducing the supply of JCR and benefiting investors by increasing their value. Jincor is thus a special opportunity for investors who want to gain exposure to the mainstreaming of blockchain technology.

*I am receiving Jincor tokens for the growth of the community.

To learn more about Jincor:

Website: https://jincor.com/

Whitepaper: https://jincor.com/whitepaper