Quantum1Net: Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Quantum1Net has developed quantum safe encryption.Quantum1Net has developed a proprietary key generator that can withstand attacks from quantum computers. The development of quantum computers will force all industries to reassess their security and apply new technologies that can protect privacy.

Today, computers are designed with a binary system of code, comprised of ones and zeroes. At any particular time, the computer can only process either a one or zero, but not both simultaneously. The binary system, while useful, places a theoretical limit on the speed and capacity of computers. By contrast, quantum computers will process quantum bits, or qubits, which are made of ones or zeroes, or both simultaneously. The ability of quantum computers to process qubits will give them far more speed and data storage capacity than today’s computers. With their significantly greater computational power, quantum computers will render today’s security, including encryption methods, ineffective and obsolete.

Quantum1Net has developed a unique method of generating truly random private keys that cannot be predicted by the best quantum computers. The problem with the RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) cryptography used today is that it produces pseudo-random numbers: numbers that are sufficiently random for today’s computers, but that actually show patterns that can be detected by quantum computers. The ability of quantum computers to detect the patterns of RSA cryptography means that they will be able to easily decrypt the keys it generates. By contrast, Quantum1Net uses quantum mechanics, the branch of science dealing with phenomena at the sub-atomic level, to produce truly random keys that are uncrackable.

Because the internet as we know it is based on RSA cryptography, quantum computing will cause massive disruption in every industry, as countermeasures will be needed to make information secure. Potentially, all private data on the internet, including within the financial system, will be in jeopardy if industries are not quick to act on this emerging technology. The potential of first-movers such as Quantum1Net will thus be enormous, as businesses will be forced to adopt quantum-safe encryption to protect their data. After all, businesses lose the confidence and trust of consumers when they are affected by a data breach.

To bring its proprietary technology to the mainstream, Quantum1Net will develop a mesh network and user-friendly API to give users random keys upon request using its “quantum encryption key generator” (QEKG). Each time keys are generated, they will be discarded to eliminate any non-randomness. For businesses that require quantum proof security, they will be able to connect to the Quantum1Net network to ensure their products and services remain secure. As part of its showcasing of its capabilities, the team behind Quantum1Net will develop a fork of bitcoin that will be safe from quantum decryption.

Quantum1Net will conduct a series of crowdsales to fund its development and marketing. The Silver token crowdsale that began in February 2018 will help the project hire new developers and establish a new office. The Gold token sale scheduled for July 2018 will help the project further develop its proof-of-concept, and hardware and software development. The Gold tokensale scheduled for January 2019 will allow for long-term development and the use of its technology outside of the cryptocurrency industry. To encourage early investors, the project will give a 20 percent bonus to participants of the Silver token sale. Investors interested in quantum-safe encryption should consider this fascinating project that may transform computer security as we know it.

*I am receiving Quantum1Net tokens for the growth of the community.

To find more information about Quantum1Net:

Website: https://quantum1net.com

Whitepaper: https://quantum1net.com/Q1N%20white%20paper.pdf